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We are excited to announce our new brand for Bishop Eustace Preparatory School. While our old brand served us well, it didn’t capture our history — or the incredible achievements of our students and staff. With an updated logo and an eye-catching message, we’re highlighting our proud Pallottine tradition with a bold voice that underscores our Crusaders’ strengths.

It starts with the way we’ve already begun referring to ourselves: Eustace Prep. This shortened title signifies our unique legacy and strengths that set us apart as a private Catholic institution of secondary education. Rest assured, our official name remains unchanged. We are still Bishop Eustace Preparatory School — but we are now reinvigorated with a new voice.

See what’s new in our breakdown below.

Focusing on the
Source of Crusader Strength

The achievements of our students and faculty set them apart from the rest — in our halls, on our fields, in the community, and in the world around them. Our new direction brings the culture that cultivates that strength into the limelight.

From the day the Pallottine Order founded our school in 1954, their perspective has guided our students with a holistic approach to personal growth. Our faculty continues to teach our young men and women to take responsibility for the community through service and action — forging strong Crusaders who can reach their full potential.

A New Logo,
Inspired by Deep Tradition

Featuring a Pallottine cross overlaid upon a steadfast shield, our new logo communicates the power of our Pallottine heritage. The simple, refined design reflects our school’s distinguished stature in a way that feels both familiar and fresh. This version of the logo is the one you’ll see on the majority of Eustace Prep materials.


Pallottine Tradition

Our legacy of faith takes center stage with this historical symbol representing God’s infinite love.


Shield of Strength

The outer border conveys Crusaders’ unflinching courage in all that they do.


Striking Colors

These tones capture the brightness of our community and our bold reputation.

Official Seal

Featuring the full school name, this seal will be emblazoned upon formal materials and documents.

Crusader Athletics

This logo variation will convey the toughness of our teams on jerseys and other athletic gear.

Looking to the Future

With this new brand, our goal is to reaffirm our long-standing Pallottine history, while also creating space to grow and connect with new students and families. We will continue to roll out these changes in the coming months.

We hope our new voice inspires you to share your own stories of Crusader strength. Thank you to all our staff, students, and families for your ongoing support.